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One of the most prominently spoken languages in the world, Arabic has the status of the official language of 27 nations and is widely spoken and understood across the world by over a Billion people. With computers and smartphones – there has been a rise in the number of software and applications which offer users with the ability to type in the Arabic language.

Advantages of Virtual Arabic Keyboard

Virtual Arabic Keyboard Advantages

With time however, a number of online applications have started emerging which allow users with the same facilities. Many users tend to be confused about choosing between online keyboard applications for typing in Arabic vs installing an application on their PC or phone. Let us take a look at why using an Arabic Keyboard is better than using a software or a smartphone application.

Easier Updates

Any app or software needs constant updates – be it to add new features or to improve any security flaws. Users need to update their applications or software from time to time. In case they do not update it regularly, they might fall victims to any possible security flaw that an outdated version may have.

However, when it comes to virtual Arabic keyboards, no such regular update is needed at the user’s end as the keyboard can be updated by the developers and everyone who visits the website would automatically be using the latest version!

Different Ways to Type in Arabic

Although there are multiple ways to type in Arabic and we think that using the online keyboard is one of the best ways to type. But you should select the one which is most convenient for you. In case you’re interested in finding out the way then you can check our guide on different ways to type in Arabic

Access from Anywhere! 

Unlike software that you install on a particular PC or smartphone apps that you install on phones, the keyboard can be accessed from anywhere. Even if you are visiting a friend and need to type something on their computer in Arabic, you need not go through the entire process of having to install the software on their PC – you can simply open up the website of the online Arabic keyboard and start typing from anywhere!

Does not occupy space on your device

Software needs to be installed on to a PC, smartphone apps need to be downloaded and installed on smartphones or tablets. This occupies space on your device. Moreover, with every update – as more security fixes or new features are added on to the software or the app, the storage keeps expanding. However, with the keyboard, you won’t have to worry about any space on your devices!

Security and Privacy

Cybersecurity is a rising concern these days. Many applications and software come with malicious viruses and spyware hidden in them which can harm your computer or track what is going on in your phones. Privacy is another rising concern as most of the apps and software keep a track of your usage activities – none of these problems are a concern when you use a keyboard!


While using software and applications may seem easier and have some benefits, when you weigh them against the dangers of using them, online keyboards are an easy winner! Online ones are safer, lighter and more easily accessible compared to installing an app or a software.

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