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The Adobe PhotoShop is one of the best image editing softwares. One can edit images, Design a website, make a logo etc. The tool is outstanding and comes with a lot of Arabic fonts as well. But, you can’t type Arabic text unless you enable it. So to solve a problem like this one, you can use our Arabic Keyboard.

Enabling a different language is easy, but the process is different for different operating systems. So, why shift from the default mode when you have access to a keyboard like ours. We’ve embedded the keyboard above, you can type the Arabic text, copy it and paste it into the text box inside PhotoShop.

The above embedded keyboard is similar to the one you can find on our homepage, However, as requested by one of our users, we’ve created a dedicated page for people who want to type Arabic text on PhotoShop. You shall also consider reading our guide on selection of the Keyboard layout.