We’re currently planning to come up with a modern design. It’s not just the design which is getting modern, we’re also planning to add some features to the tool.

Some of the features we have in our mind are

  • Login system (User can find his docs in future too)
  • Interactive Design (Modern + Material)
  • Incognito Typing (We got emails from some users that they don’t want us to enable the login system because they don’t the owners to see what’s typed, so we thought of adding Incognito typing.
  • Want your friend or boss to review what you’ve typed? No worries we’ve got you covered. You can share the document with “View only” mode and “Edit” mode.
  • Don’t understand the Arabic Keyboard’s layout? Don’t worry, our new design is surely going to help you with your problem with its VOICE support. You can just say and it’ll type for you.

Have suggestions? Get back to us thearabickeyboardonline@gmail.com

Have some feedback on our current Arabic keyboard? Get back to us and we’ll solve them on a priority basis.