Want to watch the best Arabic movies? You can be a student who is planning to learn the language or someone whose mother tongue is Arabic. A Best Arabic movie would not only help you improve the command and language vocabulary, but it’ll also help you watch a great story. That’s why today at Arabic keyboard, we present the top 15 Arabic movies. Let’s begin with the list!

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Best Arabic Movies to Watch

Bestseller No. 1
Sins of the Flesh
  • Artmattan Films (02/01/2019)
  • Running time: 124 minutes
  • Nahed El Sebaï
  • Arabic, English
Bestseller No. 2
  • ZMA Entertainment (01/02/2019)
  • Running time: 10 minutes
  • Zayn Alexander, Pascale Seigneurie
  • English, Arabic
Bestseller No. 3
  • The Talkies (01/19/2017)
  • Running time: 101 minutes
  • Georges Khabbaz, Lara Rain
  • Arabic, English
Bestseller No. 4
  • Claire Fowler Productions (10/26/2018)
  • Running time: 13 minutes
  • Hana Chamoun, Leslie Bibb, Khaled Al Maleh, Jessica Damouni
  • English, Arabic
Bestseller No. 5
The Insult
  • Sony Pictures (02/27/2018)
  • Prime Video, R (Restricted)
  • Running time: 113 minutes
  • Adel Karam, Rita Hayek, Kamel El Basha, Christine Choueiri, Camille Salameh
  • English, Arabic
Bestseller No. 6
  • Breaking Glass Pictures (12/03/2018)
  • Running time: 84 minutes
  • Carol Abboud, Hamza Mekdad
  • Arabic, English
Bestseller No. 7
  • Unité de Production (10/24/2018)
  • Running time: 119 minutes
  • Maryam Touzani, Arieh Worthalter, Amine Ennaji, Abdelilah Rachid, Dounia Binebine
  • English, Arabic
Bestseller No. 8
  • Running time: 15 minutes
  • Rana Alamuddin, Saleh Bakri
  • English, Arabic
Bestseller No. 9
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Bestseller No. 10
  • MY Spotlight Independent, Fortissimo Films (06/13/2018)
  • Running time: 72 minutes
  • Ahmad Abu Sal'Oum, Hiyam Abbass, Nawal Zaqout, Fadi el-Ghoul, Areen Omari, Khalid Awad, George Ibrahim, Mariam el-Hin, Mahmoud Qadah, Husam Abu Eisheh Mohammad Bakri
  • English, Arabic
Bestseller No. 11
What Comes Around
  • Journeyman Pictures (12/10/2018)
  • Running time: 78 minutes
  • Arabic, English
Bestseller No. 12
Under The Hat
  • Running time: 14 minutes
  • Abdulla Al Hemairi, Mohamed Al Mazrouei, Mansoor Alfeeli, Saeed Al Dhaheri, Sanaa Foad Shenouda
  • English, Arabic
Bestseller No. 13
The Life in Harem
  • OnlyFundamentals (01/25/2018)
  • Running time: 11 minutes
  • English
Bestseller No. 14
Dream City
  • Emma Piper-Burket (04/07/2018)
  • Prime Video, PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  • Running time: 51 minutes
  • Diana Jaf
  • English, Arabic
Bestseller No. 15
In Syria
  • Film Movement (06/11/2018)
  • Running time: 86 minutes
  • Hiam Abbass, Diamand Abou, Juliette Navis, Mohsen Abbas
  • Arabic, English


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