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Ever wanted to type in Arabic from your physical keyboard with English (U.S) Layout? Wasn’t it confusing? One of our avid readers, Haseena, recently got in touch with us and shared us the problem she faces while typing in Arabic. She says that, although she can use our Arabic keyboard for typing in the language, but there are times when she might want to type without looking at the screen.

She said that she wants to be an Arabic typist and to do so, she should be able to memorise the location of Arabic alphabets on the keyboard. She also mentioned that she doesn’t want to buy a new keyboard just for the typing work. That’s why one of our Editors who went through a similar problem while learning to type a new language came up with this post.

This post includes the list of the Best stickers for the Arabic keyboard. Don’t know much about a keyboard sticker? It’s just like a sticker which you can stick on your Laptop or PC keys. The best thing about this sticker is, it’s cheap and doesn’t require you to remove keys or software from your PC or system. However buying one can be confusing, because there are 100s of stickers in the market. That’s why we’ve created this list after testing 120 Arabic Keyboard stickers. So, without wasting a minute more, let’s begin with the list of 20 Best Arabic keyboard stickers.

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