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The Arabic keyboard we made is available on all the platforms. You would just need an internet connection to access the keyboard. However, many of our users got in touch with us on our feedback page and asked if there was an option to bring our keyboard offline. Sadly, being a small team, it’s not very easy to bring quality apps or services in short time, that’s why in this guide, we will show you different ways to use an Arabic Keyboard on your MacOS devices.

How to Install Arabic Keyboard for Mac

Apple has added enough languages in the MacOS and all the keyboards also are pre-installed. By default, Keyboard on most of the Mac machines come with the English (US) Layout. However, you still can use your physical English layout keyboard to type in Arabic. To do so, follow the below steps.

  • Turn on your MacOS device.
  • Open the System Preferences > Keyboard
  • Navigate to “Input Sources.”
  • Click on the “+” button on the left hand corner of your screen.
  • A list of languages would appear, select “Arabic.” and the layout which you prefer. There are 5 layouts available, Arabic normal, Arabic AZERTY PC, Arabic North Africa, Arabic PC, Arabic QWERTY. Select the one which you are comfortable with.
  • That’s it, you’ve successfully enabled the Arabic Keyboard on your Mac device.

Although, the keyboard would be enabled, people who aren’t comfortable with the Arabic layout might not find it easy. That’s why you might need a tool to help you understand which key comes where. Our best suggestion would be buying the Arabic Keyboard stickers for your MacOS device.

If you still aren’t comfortable with typing without an on-screen keyboard, don’t worry, we’re planning to build an offline Arabic keyboard. So that you won’t need an internet connection to type in a language you love. In case you want the offline keyboard, please share this post on Facebook and tag our Facebook page and let us know how quickly do you want it.