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The Arabic Keyboard started with the main aim to help people type in Arabic without installing a software or buying a new keyboard. However, one limitation of our tool is, it needs access to the internet to run, that’s why some of our Android audience got in touch with us and asked us to develop an Android app. I’m an individual and developing an Android app would take time, that’s why in this post, I’ll be helping people find the best Arabic keyboard for Android. So without wasting more time, let’s begin with the list!

Before we begin:

Best Arabic keyboard for Android

There are many apps available on the Google Play Store. One search for the query can bring you closer to millions of Arabic keyboard apps for Android. However, we recommend installing the best one. That’s why we tested multiple apps and have selected these apps. These apps don’t just provide good interface, but comes with features which can make typing in Arabic easier. Let’s get started?

Our Arabic Keyboard

Arabic Keyboard for Android

Arabic Keyboard for Android

We finally developed the Android app which would allow people to type in Android. It comes with a modern material design, has features keyboards like Swiftkey and GBoard has and is yet amazing. Our keyboard doesn’t store anything on our server so it completely keeps you secure and your privacy about what you type is respected too! Install it now, this is the only keyboard app you need to begin typing in the Arabic language!

Download from Google Play Store

1. GBoard – Keyboard by Google

Gboard - Arabic Keyboard for Android

Gboard – Arabic Keyboard for Android

GBoard is one the most popular keyboard apps available on the Google Play Store. It is built by Google and comes with an excellent user interface. It’s not just the great UI which matters, the UX on the app is great as well.

You can easily switch from Arabic to non-Arabic languages or vice versa. It also comes with the Google search built in to help you make a search from any app you’re using. It comes with Autocorrect, Swiping gestures and a lot of other features to make typing easy. Isn’t it great?

Download from Google Play Store

2. SwiftKey Keyboard: Arabic Keyboard for Android

SwiftKey Keyboard - Arabic Keyboard for Android

SwiftKey Keyboard – Arabic Keyboard for Android

SwiftKey is another popular apps when it comes to keyboards. The best thing about this keyboard app is the “AI based” predictions it comes with. It would know the next word you might possibly type after typing a particular word. The Autocorrect in this one is much better than the other keyboard apps. The keyboard is also loaded with 80+ colors, designs and themes to make it look good. In case you’re an emoji fan, then this keyboard also comes with a Emoji keyboard which learns and predicts your favourite emojis. It supports around 200+ languages. Loving it already?

Download from Google Play Store


There are 1000s of apps available on the Google Play Store which can help you type in Arabic. But these are the top ones which are great and are completely safe to use. Although, we recommend them, but there’s a possibility that these apps do use the text you type for analysis and improving the features. That’s why, if you’re looking for complete privacy, then the best way to type in Arabic is using the Arabic keyboard we built.