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Development of things is not easy, but seeing people not being able to make full utilisation of the resources is not easy too. A lot of our users got in touch with us and said that they love using the Arabic keyboard we made, but they have to open the website every time they wanted to type in Arabic, that made is uncomfortable for them. For instance, to update a status on Facebook one had:

  • Open Facebook, then open our tool  begin typing in a different window and begin typing.
  • Then Copy the typed text and paste it on Facebook.

The process required the user to open a different website just for typing in a language he wants to. That’s why we came up with a solution, this solution of ours will help the user to type in Arabic without leaving his current tab. Yes, it’s just going to be one click to begin typing in Arabic.

Already know about a Chrome Extension? You shall begin typing in Arabic from the Arabic Keyboard chrome extension right now!

Our Solution: A Chrome Extension

Arabic Keyboard Chrome Extension

Arabic Keyboard Chrome Extension

Users gave us a huge feedback and they think that it would be great if they were able to begin typing in Arabic, without opening a different website. That’s why, our developer team decided to make a Chrome extension which would allow people to type in Arabic from any browser window on Chrome. Isn’t it great?

Previously one had to open the site to type in Arabic, now one can just install the Chrome Extension we made and get started with the typing. The best thing about our extension is, you don’t have to be connected to the internet to type in Arabic. Yes, you can type with your favorite Arabic keyboard, without having access to the internet. Liking it already?

Install Arabic Keyboard Chrome Extension

In case there’s a bug or something doesn’t work well, please do get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you. You can submit a feedback about the Chrome Extension using our Feedback page. We would be glad if we receive feedbacks, be it positive or negative. We consider user feedback very important, because that’s what makes any bad product a perfect product. Hope you like it.

Best Regards
From all of us at Arabic Keyboard