Arabic Keyboard is a virtual keyboard created with the main aim to help people type in Arabic from any device. This is one of the easiest ways to type, as you don’t need to download the language pack, font pack or any software on your system.

We started late, but the problem is old. It happened when one of our founders wasn’t able to submit his project report because the typing software failed. This led to a loss of few credits. However, that failure led to a start of a tool like this. Even today, a lot of people depend on softwares, language packs, fonts etc. which also slows down their system.

Using this tool, one can type in Arabic. At the moment, it’s just a typing tool, but our founders plan to make a complete platform, the platform would have a modern design, ability to save documents for future use, other features like translation, transliteration also are being built. For privacy related questions you can check our Privacy policy page.

We believe in perfection and that’s why we’re testing things in the background and would release the entire platform once things are accurate. If you are an Arabic enthusiast you can use our feedback form to request a feature or report something wrong.