Arabic Keyboard is a typing tool created to help people type in Arabic. Typing in a language which is not English can be tough at times, It’s because most of the Keyboards come with English (US) layout. But you don’t have to worry now, as this tool will allow you to type in Arabic straight from the physical English keyboard you have. Not only that, you don’t even have to install anything to type, you can simply open your browser, open our homepage and begin typing in Arabic.

Arabic Keyboard

Arabic Keyboard

Arabic Keyboard

Why did we create the Arabic keyboard?

English is one of the popular languages and most of the Keyboard come with English Layout, this makes typing in other languages tough. Although, we plan to create a similar tool for other languages as well. But we’ve selected Arabic first because we think it has more demand and some of our close friends have requested us to make something like this. We’ve created this tool to solve this particular problem.

Who would be using this?

This keyboard could be used by different type of users, some of them we think are could be

  1. People who have a job which requires them to type in Arabic.
  2. Someone who wants to communicate with friends/family in Arabic.
  3. Someone who is comfortable using Arabic over English.
  4. People who don’t want to install an app or software for typing in Arabic, preferably the one’s who prefer using the online Arabic keyboard.

Does this Arabic Keyboard store what is typed?

No, we don’t store anything you type. However, we are in plans to come up with a Dashboard for users so that they can continue typing the document from other devices, share it for people to review. So, for the time being, we don’t store anything that is typed. We’ll announce it if we upgrade the tool. You can check our Privacy policy for more details.

Does the user have to pay?

No, The Arabic Keyboard is completely free. One doesn’t have to pay anything to type. You don’t pay a single penny to type. However, we may show ads using Google AdSense to people. This is just to buy us Coffee and convert it into code. But if you don’t like them, you can get in touch with us on our feedback page and we’ll work that out as well.

Do I need to download the keyboard to type in Arabic?

No, you can just open the site and start your typing. In some scenarios, We won’t ask you to download it, However, we’ve got requests from some of our users that they might like an offline version and our team is currently working on a plan. However, that doesn’t make or force users to download this one. No matter what we release, we’ll never let the online version go down.

Can I use the Text written using this Keyboard on PhotoShop?

Yes, many of our users want to give caption or add Arabic text to their images and videos. Although you can use this keyboard for pasting the text in PhotoShop, but we’ve created a dedicated page “Arabic Keyboard for PhotoShop” to help people in need discover it easily. You can navigate to the linked page or use this one itself.